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24-Port Gigabit Managed Switch with 2 SFP Slots

Product Description
ECOM S2524GF 24-port gigabit managed switch is added with two gigabit SFP (mini GBIC) ports which are multiplexed with the RJ45 port 1 and port 2, enabling users to select port type flexibly.

By choosing the gigabit RJ45 ports, users can directly use the existing copper cables as the transmission media, thus saving the cost to add fiber media. Alternatively, users can choose the SFP (mini GBIC) ports. Their requirements on transmission distance can be satisfied through choosing the optical fibers that support short, medium or long transmission distance. When the SFP port and the RJ45 port are chosen at the same time, the former has higher priority.

Filling in the gap between the unmanaged switch and the fully managed switch, our 24-port gigabit managed switch with 2 SFP slots has many functions that are possessed by the L2 fully managed switch which can manage and monitor the network. Also, its price and management are not as expensive and complex as the latter. Hence, this smart Ethernet switch is an ideal choice for those growing enterprises to build cost-effective and high-efficiency network.

Housed in a 19-inch standard rack-mount iron case, our 24-port gigabit managed switch is designed with many LED indicators which display the working status of the device and offer simple troubleshooting. It provides a low-cost, highly reliable solution for the hotels, internet cafes, intelligent community, as well as small and medium enterprises to realize network intelligence.

1. Excellent Performance
All 24 ports of this switching hub support non-blocking, full wire speed forwarding, providing powerful data processing capability. The port bandwidth control is supported. The data receiving and sending speed of each port can be controlled according to different business needs of different users, so as to rationally allocate bandwidth resources and improve bandwidth utilization. In addition, our smart Ethernet switch has broadcast storm control function. It is able to effectively control the rate of broadcast, multicast, unicast, and ICMP, thus avoiding network congestion and ensuring normal network running.

With high performance and stability, our 24-port gigabit managed switch can prevent the costly network crash occurring to the maximum extent. It improves the file transfer speed, solves the network congestion, and ensures the smooth running of core commercial applications, thus enabling the staff to enjoy more effective internal communication and to respond quickly to customer requests.

2. High Stability and Reliability
Port trunking is supported. Eight aggregation groups can be configured and each group includes at most 24 ports. This can not only meet the high bandwidth requirements but also realize link redundancy and improve network reliability.

Our 24-port gigabit managed switch also supports the Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) which ensures fast convergence of network and provides link redundancy backup while preventing the network generating loop circuits, so as to make the network run more stably and reliably.

3. Multicast Application
With the IGMP snooping function, this computer networking device can manage and control the multicast groups. The multicast data are only forwarded to needy recipients, thus saving bandwidth and improving the security of the multicast data, meeting the requirements of video conferencing, video-on-demand, and other multicast applications.

4. QoS Control Strategy
The S2524GF 24-port gigabit managed switch has rich QoS control strategies. It supports the priority mode based on port, 802.1p, and DSCP. With 4 priority queues per port and strict priority (SP) or weighted round robin priority (WRR) queue scheduling algorithm, our product is ideal for teleconference, video on demand, and other applications which are demanding on bandwidth, delay, and jitter.

5. Safety Guarantee
Our S2524GF smart Ethernet switch supports port-based VLAN and 802.1Q-based VLAN. It can limit the broadcast domain, improve information security and bandwidth utilization, and enhance the ability of multi-service applications.

The broadcast or multicast traffic within one VLAN will not be forwarded to other VLAN groups, so the division of VLAN can help control traffic, simplify network management, and improve security.

Supporting the 802.1x port authentication technology, our 24-port gigabit managed switch can authenticate users who want to access the network. Unauthenticated and unauthorized users or devices are prevented from accessing the network, thus ensuring network security.

6. Simple Management
a. Port mirroring is supported, so the data package entering and leaving the network can be monitored. For internet cafe users, this function enables them to easily submit data to the public security department for review. For enterprise users, the internal data can be well monitored. When the network fails, the fault point can be positioned quickly and accurately.
b. Cable diagnostics is supported and the status of the line is displayed.
c. With the console management supported, out-of-band management can be conducted through the console port.
d. WEB management is supported. The pure English web management interface provides users with an intuitive and secure management platform, facilitating system upgrades and maintenance. Meanwhile, with the import and export of configuration files supported, the management becomes easier and more efficient.

Specification of 24-Port Gigabit Managed Switch with 2 SFP Slots
Standard IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3ab, IEEE 802.3z, IEEE 802.3x, IEEE 802.3ad, IEEE 802.1w, IEEE 802.1x, IEEE 802.1Q, IEEE 802.1p
Fixed port 24 10/100/1000M auto-negotiation RJ45 ports
2 RJ45/SFP (mini GBIC) multiplexed ports
Cable type 10Base-T: Category 3/4/5 unshielded twisted pair, supporting the maximum transmission distance of 100m
100Base-TX: Category 5 unshielded twisted pair, supporting the maximum transmission distance of 100m 1000Base-T: Super Category 5 unshielded twisted pair, supporting the maximum transmission distance of 100m
Fiber type 50/125µm multi-mode fiber, transmission distance of 550m
9/125µm single-mode fiber, transmission distance of 10km
9/125µm single-mode fiber, transmission distance of 40km
9/125µm single-mode fiber, transmission distance of 80km
LED indicator Power supply (Power), port status (Link/Act), Speed
Switching capacity 48Gbps
MAC address table 8K
Forwarding rate 10Mbps: 14880PPS
100Mbps: 148800PPS
1000Mbps: 1488000PPS
Overall dimensions 440mm×180mm×44mm
Input voltage 100V~240V AC, 50/60Hz
Power < 30W
Operating ambient temperature 0℃~40℃
Storage temperature -40℃~70℃
Operating humidity 10%~90% RH, non-condensing
Storage humidity 5%~90% RH, non-condensing
Cooling method Active cooling fan
Port Management Port bandwidth control Support
Broadcast storm control Support
Port traffic statistics Support
Trunk Support at most 8 groups, each group has 24ports at most
Port mirroring Support
VLAN Setting Port-based VLAN Support
802.1Q-based VLAN Support (4K)
STP RSTP Support
Multicast Application IGMP (V1, V2) Snooping Support
QoS setting QOS setting Based on port, 802.1p, DSCP
Queue scheduling algorithm Strict Priority (SP), Weighted Round Robin (WRR)
Security setting 802.1Xd port authentication Support
IP address filtering Support
System Management WEB management Support
Console management Support
LACP status display Support
RSTP status display Support
IGMP status display Support
Ping allocation Support
Cable Diagnose Support
Configuration files import and export Support
Software Upgrade Support

Detailed Management Function List
General Specs
Switching Fabric Store and forward
Flash 512k
Dimensions (L×W×H) 440mm×180mm×44mm
Max. No. of 100Base-TX 24
Max. No. of 1000Base-T/FX 24+2
MAC Address Table Size 8K
Max. Power Consumption 20W
Power Redundant 10W
Background Bandwidth 48Gbps
Routing Protocol  
IGMP Snooping Support
IGMP v1/v2/v3 V1, V2
802.1w RSTP Support
802.3ad Link (LACP) Support
Static Aggregation Support
Port-based VLAN Support
802.1Q VLAN Support
Max no. of VLAN 4096
802.1p Support
Port based Rate Limiting Support
Broadcast Storm Control Support
Multicast Storm Control Support
WRR Support
COS Support
Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) Support
802.1x Support
IP Filtering Support
Web Management Support
Console Port Support
DHCP Client Support
TFTP Support
Port Mirroring Support

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