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    1. 16/24-Port Gigabit Managed Switches

      This computer networking device also supports the spanning tree protocol which provides link redundancy while preventing looping generating in the network, making the network operation more stable and reliable.

    1. Managed Switch with 4 Gigabit Ports and 3 SFP Slots

      Our S2507GF managed switch with 4 gigabit ports and 3 SFP slots provides a simple, economical, high-performance, seamless, and standard solution to move to a 1000M network. It offers pure English web management and bandwidth management via the console port.


Gigabit Managed Switches

In the competitive business environment, the key to success is the rational allocation of resources. As the backbone carrying many business applications, the enterprise level LAN is a core in IT resources. A good networking device should make the network closely fit your business needs rather than providing some unnecessary advanced features.

Our company has independently developed a series of gigabit managed switches for building high-performance gigabit networks. These products are designed with 16 or 24 10/100/1000M auto-negotiation Ethernet ports, which can meet your requirements of high bandwidth. Meanwhile, device commissioning can be easily completed through the console tool or web browser. This helps those small and medium enterprises which have no dedicated network management personnel to build their office network easily and quickly. In addition, our smart Ethernet switch supports port mirroring, link aggregation, VLAN division, rapid spanning tree, QoS control strategy, 802.1x authentication, and other functions.

Since launched in 2005, our gigabit managed switch has won the favor of customers by virtue of its superior performance and ultrahigh cost-performance. The annual shipments reach 50,000 pieces. This networking hardware provides a comprehensive solution for the hotels, internet bars, as well as small and medium enterprises to complete network core layer data switching. By cooperating with 1000M unmanaged switches, it can build economical and efficient 1000M network.

1. Full Gigabit Access
Our managed switch provides RJ45 ports or SFP slots allowing full gigabit access and all ports have wire-speed forwarding capability. This brings convenience to networking.

2. Powerful VLAN Function
The switching hub we offer supports port-based VLAN and 802.1Q-based VLAN, which can meet the requirements of different users and make networking easier, safer and more efficient.

3. Rich QoS Policies
The priority modes based on port, IEEE802.1p, and DSCP are supported. Also supported are 4 queue scheduling algorithms, i.e., Equ, SP (Strict priority), WRR (Weighted Round Robin), and SP plus WRR, ensuring critical business data priority. With the traffic control function supported, the bandwidth is reasonably allocated.

4. Multi-level Access Control Policy
Our gigabit managed switch supports access control list (ACL) based on port and VLAN, so network monitoring, traffic policing, priority remarking, and data forwarding control can be easily realized. The 802.1x authentication based on port and MAC is supported, which makes it easy to set user access rights.

4. High Reliability
The traditional data link layer protection technologies, such as STP, RSTP, and MSTP, are supported, which greatly improves the link's fault tolerance and redundant backup capability, ensuring stable operation of the network. Three aggregation modes, which are manual aggregation, static LACP, and dynamic LACP, are provided. This effectively increases link bandwidth, improves link reliability, and realizes load balancing and link backup. Additionally, multicast management is also supported. Through the IGMP snooping technology, network congestion caused by multicast flooding is effectively inhibited.

5. Safe Network Management and Maintenance
a. Our gigabit managed switch supports many management ways, such as console management, web management, and SNMP, achieving quick and easy network management.

b. User classification, identity filtering, and other similar functions are supported, which improves security.

c. With the port data monitoring supported, the network status can be monitored in real time. This makes it easy to realize unified management of overall network.

6. OEM and ODM Services Available
We provide gigabit managed switches in the brand of ECOM and we also offer OEM and ODM services. As long as the order quantity reaches 500 pieces, we will accept the order. Currently, our OEM or ODM partners include H3C, LENOVO, PROLINK, AIR802, OVISLINK, and other well-known networking products supplier.