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    1. 10/100M Smart Switches with Lightning ProtectionSupporting the broadcast storm control function, our smart switch can effectively control the traffic of the broadcast or multicast packets received, so network congestion is avoided and the network can operate normally.
    1. 8/10/16/24-Port 10/100M Smart Switches

      With complete security strategies and perfect quality of service (QoS), it can mark and identify more traffic, which is flexible to use. It also supports loop guard, link backup, and link aggregation. In addition, this smart Ethernet switch supports multiple management ways as well


10/100M Smart Switches

Our 10/100M smart switches are the managed switching products developed for the networking in the hotel, school, and intelligent community. They are designed with multiple Ethernet ports and some model of product even provides SFP slots. All ports support auto MDI/MDIX and wire-speed forwarding.

The 10/100M smart Ethernet switch supports port-based VLAN, 802.1Q-based VLAN, port rate limit, QoS policy based on port and 802.1p priority, as well as other functions. Meanwhile, our network switch satisfies both local and remote management needs. It is designed to be lightning-proof and it has good manageability and environmental adaptability.

By virtue of its rich, practical management functions and high cost-performance, the 10/100M managed switch boasts an annual shipment of 80,000 pieces or higher, being our best selling product. It can build economic and efficient network by cooperating with the 100M unmanaged switch.

Simple and Practical Management
1. Providing graphical configuration program, our 10/100M smart switch is easy to use.
2. Both local and remote management can be realized.
3. Import and export of the configuration files are supported, which helps reduce the workload of the network administrators.

Port Rate Limit
Data receiving and sending rate of each port can be limited. This meets the requirements of bandwidth management.

VLAN Management
1. Mutual isolation between ports is supported. Each port can only communicate with the uplink ports, thus meeting the requirements of isolation between users.
2. Port-based VLAN is supported, so users can divide different network areas according to actual needs.
3. Our 10/100M smart switch supports 802.1Q tag VLAN, so the VLAN division across switches can be achieved. This makes it possible to divide network areas within a wider range.

The priority mode based on port or 802.1p is supported, so important business data, like video and voice, can be forwarded preferentially, thus improving network performance.

Hardware Performance
1. The adoption of lightning-proof design greatly reduces the financial loss caused by network switch damaged by lightning.
2. The low consumption, fanless design adopted effectively reduces the noise produced by the running device and improves the reliability of the product.
3. A switching power supply is installed inside our intelligent Ethernet switch. It adapts to a wide range of input voltage, from 100 to 240 volts, and can effectively resist voltage fluctuations.

For the 10/100M smart switch, we provide corresponding OEM and ODM services. Custom-made products can be provided and the products can be packaged by the neutral packing. The OEM order will be accepted so long as the order quantity reaches 500 pieces.

Currently, our OEM or ODM partners include H3C, LENOVO, PROLINK, AIR802, OVISLINK, and other well-known networking device suppliers.