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    1. External RS232 56K ModemsEquipped with a high-performance Conexant chip, ECOM EM-56SCD external RS232 56K modem integrates voice, data, and fax functions. In compliance with the V.92 standard, this electronic device supports quick connection, incoming call waiting, and fast upload.
    1. External 56K USB ModemsECOM M56UC is an external 56K USB modem that is specially designed for small and medium enterprises to receive and send faxes. Used in conjunction with fax software, this electronic device can realize fax automatic reception and paperless fax, which improves work efficiency and reduces costs.

56K Modems

A modulator-demodulator is an electronic device which modulates the digital signal output from a computer into an analog signal that can be transmitted along a telephone line and demodulates the analog signal on a telephone line into a digital signal that can be recognized by a computer.

ECOM 56K modems are suitable for paperless fax in the home and small enterprises. They provide affordable and convenient solutions for remote point-to-point data collection in the securities, telecommunications, environmental monitoring, and other fields.

Internet Connection
The 56K modem is most commonly used for Internet connection. Massive information on the Internet is presented to you right away through this device and a telephone line.

Point to Point Connection
A local modem can be connected with a remote modem for data sending and receiving. One end (calling party) dials up and the other end (answering party) responds. After connected, the two parties can share the resources on their computers.

Leased Line Connection
If using a leased line, a modulator-demodulator can be connected with another without dialing. Through the AT commands, one party calls out and the other party answers automatically. This can save the telephone charges of dialing.

Paperless Fax and Voice Messages
Family and SME can realize paperless fax and voice messages through using the voiceband modem and dedicated fax software.

We provide OEM and ODM services for our 56K modems. Customers' special requirements on the product or packaging can be satisfied. We will accept the OEM order as long as the order quantity reaches 500 pieces.

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