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    1. 24-Port Gigabit Managed Switch with 2 SFP Slots

      ECOM S2524GF 24-port gigabit managed switch is added with two gigabit SFP (mini GBIC) ports which are multiplexed with the RJ45 port 1 and port 2, enabling users to select port type flexibly. ...

    1. 16/24-Port Gigabit Managed Switches

      This computer networking device also supports the spanning tree protocol which provides link redundancy while preventing looping generating in the network, making the network operation more stable and reliable.

    1. Managed Switch with 4 Gigabit Ports and 3 SFP Slots

      Our S2507GF managed switch with 4 gigabit ports and 3 SFP slots provides a simple, economical, high-performance, seamless, and standard solution to move to a 1000M network. It offers pure English web management and bandwidth management via the console port.

    1. Unmanaged Switch with 24 Gigabit Ports and 2 SFP SlotsECOM S1524GF unmanaged switch is specially designed for the schools, internet bars, as well as small and medium enterprises to realize LAN upgrade and to meet the high bandwidth requirement. It comes with 24 10/100/1000M auto-negotiation RJ45 ports and 2 gigabit SFP (mini GBIC) ports which are multiplexed with the RJ45 port 1 and port 2.
    1. 8/16/24-Port Gigabit Unmanaged SwitchesThe ECOM S1524G gigabit unmanaged switch is an Ethernet switching device which is independently developed by our company for the school, cybercafé, as well as small and medium enterprises to upgrade their LAN to gigabit level and meet the high bandwidth requirement.
    1. Energy Saving 10/100/1000M Unmanaged SwitchesThe ECOM S1008GE 8-port energy-saving unmanaged switch is specially designed for SOHO users. The local network can be quickly upgraded to the gigabit level by only using the original Super Category 5 unshielded twisted pair without needing to purchase costly optical fibers.
    1. 24-Port 10/100M and 2-Port Gigabit Smart Switch with 2 Combo SFP Slots

      Filling the gap between the unmanaged switch and fully managed switch, the intelligent Ethernet switch not only possesses some functions of the Layer 2 fully managed switch to manage and control the network but also features lower price and less complex management.

    1. 10/100M Smart Switches with Lightning ProtectionSupporting the broadcast storm control function, our smart switch can effectively control the traffic of the broadcast or multicast packets received, so network congestion is avoided and the network can operate normally.
    1. 8/10/16/24-Port 10/100M Smart Switches

      With complete security strategies and perfect quality of service (QoS), it can mark and identify more traffic, which is flexible to use. It also supports loop guard, link backup, and link aggregation. In addition, this smart Ethernet switch supports multiple management ways as well

    1. Energy Saving 10/100M Fast SwitchesThe ECOM S1024E energy saving 24-port 10/100M fast switch is specially designed for small and medium enterprises to set up 10/100M local area networks. It provides 24 10/100M auto-negotiation ports and each port can achieve the maximum bi-directional transmission rate of 200Mbps.
    1. 10/100M Fast Switches Support Port-Based VLANThe ECOM S1008V fast switch supporting port-based VLAN provides 8 10/100M auto-negotiation ports. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to operate, suitable for use in the home as well as small and medium offices.
    1. External RS232 56K ModemsEquipped with a high-performance Conexant chip, ECOM EM-56SCD external RS232 56K modem integrates voice, data, and fax functions. In compliance with the V.92 standard, this electronic device supports quick connection, incoming call waiting, and fast upload.
    1. External 56K USB ModemsECOM M56UC is an external 56K USB modem that is specially designed for small and medium enterprises to receive and send faxes. Used in conjunction with fax software, this electronic device can realize fax automatic reception and paperless fax, which improves work efficiency and reduces costs.
  • Wireless RoutersECOM WR300 wireless router conforms to the IEEE 802.11n (draft 2.0) standard and it provides a maximum transmission rate of 300Mbps. IEEE802.11n has obvious advantages over IEEE802.11a, EEE802.11b, and IEEE802.11g. It is downward compatible with the latter three.
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