About ECOM

Are you prepare for the modern digital age? LONGWAY Technologies can show you the way. We have gained prominence as a trusted Chinese manufacturer of network communication equipment. Our most popular products include the 56K modem, wireless router, gigabit managed/unmanaged switch, 10/100M smart switch, 10/100M unmanaged switch, and 10/100M fast Ethernet switch. These devices have widespread applications for technologies such as Ethernet, Internet, fiber optic communication, wireless LAN, broadband access terminal, 3G mobile terminal, digital home, and network security. Our experienced development team can provide fully comprehensive software and hardware design solutions. For even more options, please ask us about our OEM, ODM, and EMS services.

Our company infrastructure is the perfect integration of development, production, and distribution. As the proprietor of the ECOM brand and trademark, we retain full control over independent intellectual property rights. Our mission is to provide users everywhere with convenient LAN connection and high cost-performance equipment solutions.

We have diligently served satisfied customers for more than 20 years. During this time, our company has strived to uphold high standards of quality while maintaining efficient operations at optimized production costs. We seek to create value for both our employees and affiliates. Sustainable growth and expansion have allowed us to introduce a full range of ECOM networking products. These professional solutions are favored by the government, internet cafes, as well as small and medium businesses. They are also utilized extensively by industries such as telecommunications, education, and finance.

Steady progression has matured our core technologies. In 2001, we established the Broadband Network Product Development Centre and entrusted its operation to a professional R&D team. This investment has greatly refined the quality and diversity of our product lineup, allowing us to take up a leading role in the domestic market. Since 2002, we have obtained numerous patents, certificates, and awards. These authenticating documents are a testament of our dedication and commitment.

The LONGWAY production base spans 3,000 square meters. This hi-tech facility is equipped to handle prototype designs and can accommodate both small-batch trial production and large-scale bulk production. Our repertoire of advanced machinery include the X-Ray scanner, automatic paste printer, lead-free reflow welder, high-speed mounting machine, automated chain-type insertion line, fully automated plate drying machine, multi-functional mounting machine, lead-free preheat segmented infrared wave solder machine, automatic wireless testing system, and much more. This configuration of cutting-edge equipment guarantees the quality of the finished products.

In 2003, we implemented an optimized QA system that allowed us to successfully pass the ISO9000 international quality certification. In 2006, we adopted the EU RoHS standard and upgraded our facilities with an array of eco-friendly production/testing equipment, thereby fulfilling our corporate and social responsibilities.

Our new business model was designed to promote independence within the fields of development, production, and distribution. Through the pooling of global resources we have formed a cohesive front that enables us to provide premium products and services for customers everywhere. As the leading OEM/ODM manufacturer of network communication products in China, we can become your most trusted partner. With our advanced technology, you will gain a distinct advantage in efficiency.

The modern-day LONGWAY is a hi-tech enterprise with a diverse range of products and services. Join us, in the making of a legacy.

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